National Urban Design Awards 2021 | Policy, Strategy + Design Guidance

This Award is for Urban Design Policies, Strategies and Design Guidance that have been adopted within the last three years, and any other similar work intended to promote or ensure quality urban design.

Open to all practices, community and other organisations, local authorities, branches of government.

We are looking forward to receiving submissions that:

  • are people friendly
  • reflect current best practice guidance on technical design (eg highways, drainage)
  • reflect current best practice guidance on wider design issues such as context, identity, movement, resources etc
  • would help local councils meet legal duties such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the 2050 net zero carbon emission target

DEADLINE: extended to 23 July 2021


Entry Process


Please complete the entry form below.


Supporting documents: please submit a single PDF of up to 3 pages of images and text (maximum files size 5Mb) via  


DO NOT include your name or identifying details on the PDF. This is so that the awards can be judged impartially - your contact details are collected separately in the entry form below.


Please make sure that all images submitted are your copyright or have permission to be published by the Urban Design Group across all platforms and in the URBAN DESIGN journal.

You can download entry criteria here
If you have any problems with the online application form please contact

IMPORTANT: please make sure you check your word count as the submission form will not limit you but we will cut your answers to the specified length when we download.


Payment of entry fees


Payment if required can be made via the UDG website using option 2 to specify the amount. Please forward receipt with SUBMISSION TITLE in the header bar to

£60 UDG Registered Practices
£120 Non UDG Members

FREE TO  Local Authorities, Government Departments | Community Organisations


Entry Form

1 Start 2 Complete

The following filter questions are designed to let you know whether your project is likely to be considered for an award. Here is what we will be looking for:

Q1 People Friendly: ideally less than half of your answers should be a NO
Q2 Technical Design: ideally less than half of your answers should be a NO
Q3 Design Quality: ideally less than 2 of your answers should be a NO
Q4 Legal Duties: we expect your answer to be YES 

Our entry has been adapted to meet the needs of:
YesNoNot Relevant
People who cannot or do not wish to own and use a car *
Young children, infants and their parents/carers *
Primary schoolers *
Teenagers *
Blind people *
Mobility impaired *
Elderly people *
Women *
People of different ethnicities *
People of limited income *
Our entry enables best practice technical design in the following areas:
YesNoNot Relevant
Drainage/SuDS: eg CIRIA SuDS Manual *
Landscape & Trees: eg Trees and Design Action Group Trees in Hard Landscapes *
Movement & Access & Street Design: eg Manual for Streets, LTN 01/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design, etc *
Lighting: functional, attractive and avoids light pollution *
Waste Management: systems that avoid obstruction of footways *
Water Supply / Water Sensitive Urban Design: conservation and recycling systems *
Sewerage: separate draining and sewerage systems. No combined systems *
Utilities: combined utilities ducts and tunnels *
Our entry reflects established principles of well-designed places:
YesNoNot Relevant
Context: enhances the surroundings *
Identity: attractive and distinctive *
Built Form: a coherent pattern of development *
Movement: accessible and easy to move around *
Nature: enhanced and optimised *
Public Spaces: safe, social and inclusive *
Uses: mixed and integrated *
Homes and Buildings: functional, healthy and sustainable *
Resources: efficient and resilient *
Lifespan: made to last *
Please indicate whether your answers to filter questions Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 meet the threshold:
If your project does not meet these criteria but you feel that it is exceptional in other respects then please make a case for it below in no more than 150 words:
Please make sure you name uploaded PDF of supporting material with the same title.
Please give a very short description of your submission in no more than 25 words:
Please list any practice or organisation who has been significantly involved in the work:
Please describe the vision of the work in no more than 100 words:
Please outline how the work would achieve the intended impact eg how it supports active lifestyles, how it achieves net zero carbon, how it adapts to climate change, how it creates jobs, how it is inclusive, how it will enable the objectives set out in statutory duties to be met. Please describe in no more than 300 words:
If you feel your submission has excelled in a particular way (achieving net zero; inclusivity etc) then please outline in 300 words how it has done so below detailing any challenges that had to be overcome, collaborative vision etc . There are more category suggestions on the Awards 2021 page.