National Urban Design Awards 2021 | Innovation

This Award is for new Tools, Methods, and Technologies released within the last five years that enable good urban design or a better understanding of towns and cities, and the needs of the people who live within them.  

Submissions could range from new community involvement methods, GIS systems, through to blue skies technology including the use of satellite or lidar imagery, digital design and planning, and automated analysis using neural network and machine learning techniques.

DEADLINE: extended to 23 July 2021



Entry Process


Please complete the entry form below.


Supporting material: please submit a single PDF of up to 4 images with short descriptions (maximum files size 5Mb) via  


Please make sure that all images submitted are your copyright or have permission to be published by the Urban Design Group across all platforms and in the URBAN DESIGN journal.

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IMPORTANT: please make sure you check your word count as the submission form will not limit you but we will cut your answers to the specified length when we download.

Entry Form

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Please make sure you name uploaded PDF of supporting images with the same title.
Please give a very short description of your innovation in no more than 25 words:
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Please describe the innovation and its intended impact in no more than 300 words:
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