Urban Update 30 Jan 2017

LUC - Bishopric, Horsham

This project is an opportunity to redefine the Bishopric’s significance and role within Horsham town centre.

The opening of John Lewis at Home in 2015 and the refurbishment of commercial premises adjoining the space reinvigorate this historic marketplace as a primary pedestrian route.  Section 106 contributions from these developments will be used for refurbishment of the public realm.

The Bishopric, formerly a site of mediaeval fairs and markets, has been used as a pedestrian precinct since the early 1990s following diversion of traffic routes in the early 1990s.

LUC’s vision is to change the layout of the pedestrian area to make it an attractive and vibrant place for visitors. Creating new, contemporary spaces and redesigning existing areas will improve vitality and economic performance and enhance the overall pedestrian experience. The proposals draw on the historic associations with the Lynd Cross, a meeting place, and the cattle market, which occupied a broad, cobbled median.

The proposals also consider how water features, artworks and structures could be fully integrated within the reordered public realm, rather than being considered in isolation.

LUC’s vision was approved by a project board of local stakeholders and Council members and proposals were exhibited in the town centre and council website in October 2014. Members of the public were invited to feedback on the proposals and options put forward by LUC to be taken forward to delivery.   Read more







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Masterplanning will be by Baca Architects
 (joint winners of winners of the 2016 National Urban Design Awards)

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Kingston Council given share of £1m Government grant to become 'homeless prevention trailblazers'

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NAO overview of housing market shows average shortage of 61,000 homes a yea



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Denver City Council to prioritize infrastructure, homelessness, business and job development in 2017 – The Denver Channel

Dense urban retail redevelopment proposed for sprawling Madison Suburb
The suburb is currently 1-2 stories.  The proposal is for buildings between three to five stories along the street, with stepped back heights up to eight stories.
Street view of location


Built Environment

What will London and LA look like in 2121 – Independent

Project aims to grow a 'city of trees” in Manchester – BBC
A project aims to plant three million trees - one for every man, woman and child - in Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.

Italy earthquakes: Why the country gets so many of them, and how to survive one

How to escape a maze – according to maths  - The Conversation
We thought this might be helpful in council areas where street layouts are still permitted that look like mazes.   Includes a discussion of “intelligibility” and the work of Bill Hillier.

How Accessibility-Focused Housing Design Benefits Everyone – Torontoist
New internal housing standards require barrier free movement.

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A discussion about views, walls, connections, and a neologisms - “Radical Flatness”.  (means flat)

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One million visitors, 50,000 performers – risk of Hillsborough scale tragedy suggested


Energy, Climate Change

Stanford University Waste Heat Recycling Central Energy Facility receives architectural Award – Stanford University
The new centralised heat recovery system collects waste heat from buildings via a chilled-water loop and captures it at the Central Energy Facility for reuse, eliminating the use of cooling towers to discharge the heat.   The heat recovery system meets 93% of the heating load on campus with waste heat and reduces total campus water consumption by 15%.  Read more

The five-yearly assessment of what will happen to the UK as the world warms says one of an array of potential threats is the ‘significant risk’ to supplies of food –Independent

Climate Change and Jobs in the Adaptive Economy  – The Adelaide Review
Article mentions energy, water sensitive urban design and green design

Big Cities Warm up during the week as commuters flock in – New Scientist


Natural Environment

Floating wetlands – artificial vegetated rafts – used to improve water quality – American Society of Agronomy

Global forest, agricultural and other fires mapped – GlobalFireData
These fires are a major source of pollution and present a threat to human health, especially in the developing world


Professional Practice

The Importance of Human Scale When Sketching – ArchDaily

Making urban planning more interactive – The Guardian
List of innovations including a tinder for planning applications, (which presumably will allow people to appraise planning applications in seconds)


Humans, Health, Society

London's Dangerous Non-Response to Extreme Pollution – CityLab

Designing a square to unite a diverse ethnic neighbourhood -  The Inquirer (Philidelphia)
The problem - a 3.5 acre park with defined territories reinforced by its design – the way forward consultation in 9 languages, cardboard models, persistence in getting people involved… and more

Student's fitness level and iron status could be the difference between making an A or a B – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1 hour of football training two to three times a week over 1 year effective at reducing blood pressure  – University of Denmark
Article suggests that it is as effective as medicine – study conducted on sample of women aged 31-50

Fixating on Faces- an Insight into how we see – University of California – Caltech
When we walk down a crowded street, our brains are constantly active, processing a myriad of visual stimuli.   Research from Caltech now shows that the activation of “face cells” * networks of neurons in the human brain dedicated to processing faces) depends highly on where you are paying attention—it is not enough for a face to simply be within your field of vision.

Shaming obese people risks worsening their health - University of Pennsylvania – ScienMag
People who are battling obesity face being stereotyped as lazy, incompetent, unattractive, lacking willpower, and to blame for their excess weight. The pain of these messages may take a toll on health and increase risks of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, 


Philosophy, Politics, Economics

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IBI Group Recognized for Leadership in Urban Mobility – Mass Transit

Paris tries self-driving minibus to link train stations on segregated route - CBS

EazyMile EZ10 Autonomous Vehicle  - Youtube / Herald Tribune
Its painted red to make it look like a bus – which is what it is

Are driverless cars the saviour of Auckland traffic?

Should cycling be allowed on pavements? – BBC

Winners of £20 million funding in Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial announced – Department for Transport