Urban Design Week 2012: 15-23 September 2012

Theme for 2012: Active Urban Design: Physical activity and urban design


What is urban design week?

Urban Design Week is an annual National event that champions urban design by promoting and encouraging awareness of places through good practice, fostering innovation in the built environment, and celebrating urban culture and lifestyles. Urban Design Week was first launched in the United Kingdom but other countries are encouraged to participate by promoting it to make this a truly international event. If your organisation in your country is willing to also stage Urban Design Week do please let us know.  events@urban-design-week.org.uk


How can I be involved urban design week?

Anyone from individuals, businesses schools, local residents associations, Civic Societies local authorities, professional organisations, and central government can organise events, commission projects or host a seminar. Organisations may prefer to collaborate with others in partnership.


What type of events can I run in urban design week?

Urban design is about creating sustainable places and spaces in making pieces of urbanism that we all can enjoy and cherish. Consider running an event, a lecture, seminar or award presentation, a walkabout or urban safari, a workshop, a petition, a campaign, a street audit (Placecheck www.placecheck.info), a street make-over or an exhibition. Consider commissioning a project, a report, or a piece of research.  Consider organising events around the 10 urban design qualities below. It is hoped to produce some guidance on the types of events that can be organised that demonstrate good urban design practice.

If your organisation or company is interested in sponsoring Urban Design Week please get in touch to find out how you can get involved.


Theme for Urban Design Week 2012: Active Urban Design

Active Urban Design relates to strategies for facilitating physical activity across a range of interventions in the built environment to create better quality places and spaces for people that will contribute towards a more sustainable and healthy city.