UDG AGM, Annual Report & New Executive Committee

The Urban Design Group AGM was held at 6.15pm on Wednesday 15 June 2011 in The Gallery at 70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ.

At the meeting, the new Executive Committee was announced, as follows:

The following members have been nominated to join the UDG Executive Committee  for 2011-12

The following  members  will be co-opted to the UDG Executive Committee for 2011-12 at its first meeting  in July 2011

Amanda Reynolds (nominated as Chair)

John Billingham

Colin Pullan (nominated as Treasurer)

Philip Cave

Riccardo Bobisse

Andrew Dakin

Ben van Bruggen

Duncan Ecob

Sebastian Loew

Graham Smith

Colin Munsie

Jack Warshaw

Katy Neaves


Paul Reynolds


Barry Sellers


Paul Smith


Alan Stones


Niltay Tosum-Erdem


Amanda Reynolds will continue for a second year in her role as Chair.  She will be joined by a new Treasurer, Colin Pullan of NLP Planning, replacing Hugo Frieszo who has stood down due to increasingly heavy overseas work commitments.  Thanks were extended to Hugo for his diligent work, support and advice in the the role over the past five years.

Other new elections to the Executive Committee included Riccardo Bobisse, Paul Smith and Niltay Tosun-Erdem; the latter has already been involved with the UDG, assisting in digitisation of archive copies of the journal.

Ben van Bruggen, Sebastian Loew, Colin Munsie, Katy Neaves, Paul Reynolds, Barry Sellers and Alan Stones were all re-elected.

Long-standing committee members John Billingham, Philip Cave, Duncan Ecob, Graham Smith and Jack Warshaw all agreed to continue their invaluable work for the UDG and will be co-opted to the 2011-12 Executive Committee at its first meeting in July. Similarly Andrew Dakin will be co-opted as a policy and regeneration advisor and a vital contact in Wales and the South west region.

There is a plan to amend the UDG constitution over the coming year, allowing for the election of a larger executive committee. Finally we bid a fond farewell to 2010-11 Executive Committee member Sophie Burtt who has returned left the UK to return to New Zealand, although she hopes to retain contact with the UDG.  We wish her luck in her future career.

The annual report and accounts which were adopted at the meeting can be viewed here.