Transport White Paper Published

Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon - Making Sustainable Local Transport Happen

  • No viable alternative to the car, need to complement with sustainable transport modes,  and introduce sustainable car technologies over the long term.
  • Localism focus on transport, reflecting the fact that most journeys are under 5 miles.

Funding streams

  • Local sustainable transport fund £500 million
  • Regional growth fund £1.4 billion
  • Local Economic Partnerships
  • Tax Increment Funding

"Transport planning and land use planning need to work together to achieve the community’s overall vision for its places and to accommodate development. "

The White paper contains examples of initiatives to make active travel more attractive and make public transport more attractive,

The White Paper omits any reference to "place", although it does refer to decluttered streets, and 20 mph zones in passing, and will give local authorities the power to classify their own streets.  It is unclear why what it describes as sustainable transport is actually sustainable.