Transport for London could face corporate manslaughter charge over cyclist’s death

Woman cyclist was killed by rear wheels of lorry at Kings Cross, at a place where the lane width was less that TfL's own guidance.

No charges have been brought in the case and any decision rests with the Crown Prosecution Service

It is difficult to see how Corporate Manslaughter charges could be successfully brought against TfL in this instance. Narrow lanes can be found in many areas on the road network.  A stronger case would appear to be against vehicle manufacturers for supplying vehicles that endanger pedestrians and cyclists when design measures are available that improve safety such as compressible vehicle fronts and rear steering axles.  But even that would appear difficult to pursue.  The case of 20mph limits on newly created streets however is less ambiguous: there is an ample evidence base demonstrating the danger to human life caused by higher speeds, and the effectiveness of reducing speeds in improving safety: there is also a wide range of design and regulatory measures that can be used to control speed to a safer level.  Failure to do this in a new scheme might expose the scheme promoter to liability.