Street Design for All

The 28 page report is aimed at practitioners, politicians and public to bring them up to speed on the latest on street design science and best practice, including Manual for Streets I and II, and the new approaches to junction design demonstrated at Poynton or Bexley High Street.  It has been produced by a team of leading practitioners led by Colin Davis through PRIAN with the support of the Department for Transport organisations including English Heritage, CIHT, Civic Voice and the Urban Design Group.  Copies have been issued to all local authorities and most Civic Societies.


Pages 2 - 3 Design and manage the street for a sense of place as well as for movement.

Pages 4 - 5 Design the street to enhance its sense of place.

Pages 6 - 7 Encourage wellbeing through healthy, active lifestyles.

Pages 8 - 11 Design and manage the highway to make unsafe actions less likely.

Pages 12 - 13 Aim for total street design-not just individual uncoordinated components.

Pages 14 -21 Pay attention to detail.

Pages 22 -23 Improve the street in stages and check the design.

Pages 24 - 25 Get involved.


Ministerial Foreword

"The way our streets are designed and managed is essential to our everyday lives and their quality affects everyone. Streets are not just a way for people to get about but are places in their own right, the centre of the community. Streets that look good can also be safer.

Decluttering is high on the coalition government’s agenda. Unnecessary street furniture and signs not only make streets unattractive places but also increase costs for Local Authorities. Cluttered streets can also be confusing for drivers and pedestrians, affecting safety. I am pleased to see that Street Design for All provides advice on tackling clutter. A small but vital step to make streets better places for people and one that we would like more local authorities take.

In recent years there has been a significant step change in attitudes to street design and management. A wealth of good practice advice has been published by the Department for Transport and other organisations emphasising and building on the core principles set out in the Manual for Streets. 

Street Design for All draws upon the published advice and is designed to be used by a wide range of people. It reminds professionals of the new opportunities in the design and management of streets and is also intended to help local community groups understand how they can take part in the development and adaptation of their own streets and talk with knowledge to decision makers.

I commend Street Design for All to all those involved in designing and managing streets. It will help to promote a gradual but tangible improvement to all our streets, not just as conduits for movement but places to visit and spend time.

Robert Goodwill
Minister for Transport

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