Shared Space becomes part of establishment with formal opening of Exhibition Road Scheme

Press comment

Rowan Moore - Guardian - triumph for the 'shared space' movement

Simon Jenkins - Evening Standard - Shared Space is future for London's roads

Ray Massey - Daily Mail - No kerbs, pavements or nanny-state signs: Britain's longest clutter-free street is unveiled to make things SAFER


The Commentary in the case of the Daily Mail seems to fall into the following categories

  • £30 million is a lot to spend on a street (though £30 million divided amogn15 million visitors per year is just £2 - so on that basis it looks rather like a bargain)
  • it is high time the  "nanny state" approach to streets were abandoned
  • its dangerous, someone's going to get killed, I was nearly run over there last week etc
  • what about blind people?