Placements Wanted 2011

If you are seeking a placement this summer please add your details below (no more than 50 words):

  1. Name
  2. Area and type of work
  3. Contact telephone / email


I am qualified with RIBA pt3 through architecture with drawing
and would like an intern placement in Architecture with Urban Design.
I have already undertaken study and design practice on redevelopment for conservation areas. Adopting design processes opening new public spaces, with Christopher Alexander a leading inspiration. Please contact me by telephone on 0207 790 0921 or at for more details and a profile PDF copy.


James Keogh
I am a RIBA Part II architect with a MA in Planning Policy and Practice, during which time I developed a particular interest in community-led design processes in assessing the role of design in the production of public space.
Contact: for more information. Thanks.

My name is Roberto Cantu
I am an Architect (equivalent to Part ll in UK) and have just finished a Ma in Urban Design at the University of Westminster.
I have experience working as an Architectural Assistant P2 but would like to gain further experience within Urban Design, Master-planning and regeneration. I enjoy working as part of a team.
Please e-mail: for further details and CV

Mojtba Malekzadeh (Adam)
Self motivated urban design postgraduate from University of Greenwich with a keen interest in the architectural design, master planning and mixed-use development. I am seeking a placement opportunity in the architectural and construction industry which can create implementable innovative solutions that promote sustainable land use and enhance quality of life. / mobile: 07896306291


Just completed my second year (on track for a 'first') studying for my BSc in Property and Urban Development at the University of Westminster and seeking a short two-week placement in early September in a masterplanning/regeneration organisation or similar. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to get some practical experience – please contact with information.

07788582862 /

Naomi Hubbard
I have recently graduated from Oxford Brookes in a planning related course and would like a summer placement in planning and urban design before I head back to study for an MSc in Spatial Planning with a specialisation in urban design. I have already done 2 months of work experience in the last 2 summers with an established consultancy.
Please contact me at for more details and a copy of my CV.