New Master’s Degree Programme in Architectur & Sustainable Urban Design at University of Liechtenstein

Integrating Solar Design, Sustainable Development and Urban Change
Master of Science/PhD - University of Liechtenstein  (Institute of Architecture & Planning)

Now open for applications for the first semester 2013

Our urban design programs focus on the sustainable development of cities, regions and towns. They combine solar architecture, productive landscape and civic design with advanced olutions of city-wide and regional approaches to renewable energy and water autonomy. Founded on traditions of responsible, technologically informed design, they help participants create authentic places, building global connectedness and local prosperity at a small ecological footprint, in an age of increasing responses to climate change and broad innovations in energy and resource use.

Master of Science: The two-year program consists of four connected core subjects: the advanced Urban Design Studio; The Renewable City; Responsible Property Development; and Urban Quality - Assessment and Design. The program is part of the Institute’s Sustainable Spatial Development framework that contains research, network and community outreach activities. Advanced technologies, mapping and intelligent design techniques, ND, 3D and GIS systems are available applications – and the exploration of intelligent and purposeful urban systems is encouraged. Extensive international excursions and academic experiences are central part of the education.

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Our campus is set in a beautiful Alpine setting at the crossroads between Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy) and Mulhouse (France).

Also available: Places in our PhD programs (Architecture and Planning / Sustainable Urban Design).


  • The summer semester 2013 starts mid of February 2013
  • The winter semester starts mid of September 2013

Deadlines for applications

  • 31 October for applicants requiring a visa – for summer semester
  • 31 November for students not requiring visa – Swiss, Liechtenstein, European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) citizens – for summer semester
  • 31 May for applicants requiring a visa – for winter semester
  • 30 June for students not requiring visa – Swiss, Liechtenstein, European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) citizens – for winter semester

Semester fees
Approximately 700 USD (CHF 750.00), plus accommodations (both on- and off-campus housing are available).


Professor Peter Droege DI MAAS CMPIA, Chair for Sustainable Spatial Development
Director, PhD Program in Architecture and Planning
Principal Investigator, Lake Constance Alpine Rhine Energy Region

T +423 265 11 32
F +423 265 11 21

Kirsten Steinhofer Study course administrator Bachelor- and Master Architecture

T +423 265 11 38
F +423 265 11 21