Mosquito reduction methods demonstrated

Asian tiger mosquitos, which are a vector in the spread of arbovirus infections, such as dengue fever,  Chikungunya fever, yellow fever, are now found in France, Spain, Italy and California.  As global temperatures increase their range will shift also. 

This research by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona looked at ways of changing the urban environment to reduce the prevalanece of these mosquitios, including:

  • eliminating any stagnant water accumulating in gardens or patios.
  • applying insecticides to plugholes, water storage tanks and drains to eliminate larvae,
  • and removing vegetation from parks and gardens to get rid of adult mosquitos.
  • cleaning out all rubbish or debris in the area which could favour the proliferation of the mosquitos

It is not clear from the report what "removing vegetation from parks and gardens" means in practice.  Nor is there any mention of natural control by bats and the encouragement of migrating birds.