Joint Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes launches new website promoting academic work in urban design

The Joint Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes has just launched a new content focused website, part of a Brookes Teaching Fellowship project. 

The website reflects a joint effort from staff and students at the Joint Centre for Urban Design to develop a web based multimedia open educational resource that reinforces a discipline-specific identity and offers a reliable and validated resource for learners and professionals as well as a platform for staff and student development and knowledge transfer. The site aims to make academic work in urban design more visible, easily accessible and exposed for discussion. 

Both the process and product are collaborative and open in approach.. Students and staff can contribute with material developed within the modules, and from extracurricular activities (for example participation in competitions, study visits, research and consultancy work). Of particular note is the section enttitled 'Collaboration' where students and staff from other institutions can submit short pieces for discussion with the wider community of urban designers.

The email for contact is and the key links for the project and webplace are: