Call for papers for 51st International Making Cities Livable Conference

Papers are being invited for 51st International Making Cities Livable Conference on Making Cities Healthy for All taking place in Portland, Oregon, USA from 8-12 June 2014

At this conference, we shall pay special attention to effective planning strategies and visionary design solutions to making our cities and suburbs healthy and livable for ALL ­ young and old, poor as well as well-to do, and those with health and mobility issues.

The conference will bring together 350-400 delegates ­ world renowned experts, elected officials, practitioners and scholars in planning, and transportation planning, public health, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, and social sciences to better understand how the built environment affects health and well-being, and to learn from the most successful solutions around the world.

Topics include:

Healthy, equitable land use and urban planning

Integrating public health and planning

Active Mobility and Complete streets

Achieving neighborhood health equity

Reclaiming the public realm

Family-friendly housing

Building lifetime community districts

Reshaping suburban sprawl

A healthy city for children

Food environments

Green cities

Preventing and ending homelessness

Generating community participation

Learning from Portland

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Those wishing to present papers should submit a 250 word abstract for consideration before November 20, 2013. Please submit online, following the Call for Papers Guidelines on the web at