Urban Update 8 February 2018


‘GEF-UNIDO Sustainable Cities: Integrated Approach Pilot’ integrates sustainability strategies into urban planning and management


Jakarta should not turn to mass evictions as part of city planning for economic success


Aspiring Urban Designer Spends Year in Rural Alaska


Hassell and MVRDV devise "suite of adaptable structures" to combat Bay Area flooding


New development on former site of Sherwood Forest elementary school could be the wave of the future as more schools close


Inside China's mysterious 'mole-town': Drone footage shows 4,000-year-old community where thousands of residents still live in underground houses


Inhabitants of Moscow and St Petersburg live significantly longer than people living in other regions of Russia


The real reason for Stockholm’s massive Slussen redevelopment


Walkern villagers ‘shocked and upset’ at approval of two development plans in the same place

Spot the difference: The bizarre stand-off over 'significant changes' to plans for a controversial Northern Quarter hotel


Eastern Market plan seeks to balance food, other uses


News and Research


How virtual 3D modelling and simulation can help us create better cities

Humans, Health, Society

Austerity policies lie at heart of soaring homelessness and related health harms, argue experts

Research highlights need for better support for thousands of informal dementia carers

Instagram users less likely to engage with political or controversial images, MU finds

Research finds significant link between the walkability of a city and the blood pressure and hypertension risk of the people who live there

A New Campaign Wants to Fight Hostile Urban Design With Instagram

Whites with mental illness far more likely to report insufficient money for care, delays

Teens need vigorous physical activity and fitness to cut heart risk

Arts and humanities in medical school promote empathy and inoculate against burnout

Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Better health and economic activity key to easing UK pension crisis

Urbanists call for a non-aggression pact among cities competing for Amazon's HQ2

150,000 UK construction jobs to be added in five years despite gloom around Carillion and Brexit, research predicts

Almost 30% of jobs in towns including Sunderland and Wakefield at risk by 2030 due to automation and globalisation

The same psychological mechanism explains violence among Muslim and Western extremists

Built Environment

Vertical gardens on multi-storey car parks to boost wellbeing

Metropolis: Bauhaus-inspired urban photography – in pictures


Natural Environment

Urban beekeeping is harming wild bees, says Cambridge University

Bottled water sales fuelled by desire for immortality

Insect die-off: Even common species are becoming rare

NETs will not compensate for inadequate climate change mitigation efforts: EASAC report