Urban Update 7 June 2018

Urban Design News Around the World



Is Brisbane a Walkable City?


In Vancouver, a Housing Frenzy That Even Owners Want to End

Mom-and-pops and human-scale streets dont have to be lost in redevelopment. Here are some solutions.

Core Architects design kicks off Mississaugas 15-acre M City


Plans approved for 1 billion development in former ghost town Cherrywood


Transforming Urban Wasteland into Gardens, One Alley at a Time


English councils to be able to apply to government to create a New Town Development Corporation, which will be responsible for delivering new towns and garden communities in their area create help them deliver the homes their communities need.

Objections overruled as yet more homes are recommended for Derbyshire village

Eight-storey apartment block could be built on land behind the Northern Quarter's Koffee Pot cafe

Britain is being carpeted by vast, ugly tower blocks - many of which are bought by foreign developers and left empty. Shamefully, says Simon Jenkins, planners are doing nothing about it



Why San Antonio's New "Latino High Line" Is a Vital Addition to the U.S. Landscape

Will 'Manhattanhenge' Always Light Up NYC Streets?


News and Research


Built Environment

Air quality garden toolkit published

These Chinese buildings are coming to a city near you



Parents of state school pupils are crowdfunding air purifiers to protect them from air pollution

Tens of thousands of children become severely obese in primary school, figures show

University at Buffalo-led research highlights importance of remaining physically active even after age 70

The health effect of air pollution from traffic

The economic cost of inadequate sleep



Parking Is Trendy Now

London cyclists too white, male and middle class, says capital's cycling chief in vow to tackle diversity 'problem'

TfL Boss Apologises For Ill-Judged Cycle Superhighway Plans

"It takes 40 or 50 years to update an industrial landscape. We want to speed that up," says Sidewalk Labs urban planner

Are fire departments finally getting the message about urban design?

Lorries and potholes put people off cycling, survey suggests


Natural Environment

Alien apocalypse: Can any civilization make it through climate change?

Research reveals how the same foods create markedly different environmental impacts

Scientists boost crop production by 47 percent by speeding up photorespiration



Fixing Unaffordability Means Embracing Non-Market Housing

The role of housing allocation in the decline of high rise housing estates



Easter Islanders used rope, ramps to put giant hats on famous statues



Why accessibility needs to evolve into design for everyone, by everyone

Psychologists: Women are not to blame for the wage gap