Urban Update - 6 November 2017

Healthy City Design Conference Report

This was a two-day conference organised by Salus at the Royal College of Physicians, London last month

Global urbanisationpresents major health challenges but especially in developing countries. - most change is to be seen in developing countries, with challenges of producing good, liveable cities: 25% of urban residents worldwide lack access to good sanitation (WHO, 2009).

There are different practices in monitoring and communicating health and welfare effects of different types of urban development:e.g.

·         using computer modelling as a tool, including in local planning

·         quantifying financial benefits of improving health by design e.g. by reducing exposure to air pollutants

·         producing evidence of value of good design to appeal to developers and investors

Obstacles to prioritising health and ecology in design include:

·         perceived high cost of maintaining urban trees and green space.  Los Angeles’  "Hypo-Park" L.A. was given as an example of working with constraints, but with positive outcomes: though there is no greenery, a fun and energy-burning adventure park has been created on a small urban plot

·         aversion to change

·         dominance of market-driven development

The path to change is not that clear. Speakers placed emphasis on collaboration. There were some positive examples e.g. Thurrock Council's plans to tackle local problem of child obesity, and to place health as formal part of development process; Healthy Active by Design Tool in Australia

But the source of impetus for change is uncertain. Should it be central government, public appetite, or local councils?

Health Issues applying to different age groups:

·         For happiness of its 12 year olds, UK is 14th out of the 15 OECD nations (Good Childhood Report 2015)

·         designing public spaces for all users, and being aware of how spaces are used

·         obesity reduces life expectancy at age 55 by 1.4 years; and increases years lived with disability by 5.9 years (Klijs et al. 2011a)

·         the longer the period people spend in education, the lower is their risk of dementia

·         resource inequality between generations was mentioned, but without suggestions for a solution.





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