Urban Update - 30 June 2017



Brisbane property: Greenfield sites and inner-city bear burden on 80 per cent of new homes – “figures unsustainable” 


What Melbourne can learn from – and teach – other major cities

Includes: urban forest strategy, walkability and cycling, planning for growth, technological disruption, planning, community facilities and safety.


Dogs – smaller breeds a big hit in Perth’s suburban squeeze –

Smaller dogs not always the quietest, warns the article




Canada 150: What will B.C. look like 50 years from now? – Vancouver Sun

3 degrees warmer, wetter winters, hotter summers, more people moving from USA to avoid the heat, smart densification, and a growing service economy.  Automation, the big unknown.

New Zealand


How to regenerate Auckland: The CEO leading the charge


Built Environment

The growth of greenery in multi-residential builds – Architecture and Design

Benefits of cooling, better health and increased property values


Cities emerge from cultural assumptions and choices


Google faces first public test for its massive downtown village plan


Commercial farming starts to take root in Boston


Ramboll Environ to export Nordic ‘urban liveability’ expertise to US cities


Urban terrorism isn’t going to stop. Can city planners help reduce its lethal impact?  - Washington Post

Method 1 –hidden features eg reinforced lampposts, trees, bends in streets to restrict speed

Method 2 – architecture of paranoia - overt security features – eg barriers, bollards


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Australia Green Building Council updates  the “Green Star – Communities Guide for Local Government”

System  looks at Governance, Liveability, Economic prosperity, Environment, and Innovation.


Which jobs are destined to be automated?

Further reading: The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?


How to win support for denser cities


Privatisation of the city – experience in China and San Francisco of large developments of up to 200-300,000


North Ormesby houses to be auctioned with guide price of £1


New 2 ½ story detached house on new estate reduced to bungalow after developers failed to follow approved plans

'We would urge developers to ensure properties that are being constructed are in line with approved plans otherwise there is a risk that enforcement will be necessary and could result in demolition.” Council spokesperson


Natural Environment

Beaver return 'benefits environment' – three fold improvement in water quality from trapping soil eroded by intensive farming


Humans, Health, Society

Using moss filters to clean particulates and nitrogen dioxide from city air



If you can’t ban cars, simply remove the parking spaces – The Oslo experience

Business owners drastically overestimated the percentage of their customers who arrive by car


Active travel is the way forward – The Scotsman


Nudge Science in Action ….getting bus passengers to encourage drivers to drive more safely