Urban Update 3 August 2018


'No regard for design and beauty': Why Bondi Junction is an eyesore

Final vision for major inner Melbourne urban renewal precinct released

Holistic landscape architecture reinvigorates Sydney's Darling Harbour


Vancouver councils reasonable trade-off on tower proposal marks flashpoint in housing debate


This photo shows how urban development in Kenya often neglects the poor


Beirut-based designers advocate new uses for the city's overlooked public spaces


LDA Design reveals Waterbeach vision with car-free streets

Lidle propose Richmond Deer Park store, primary school and 3000 homes in Richmond

Amendment introduced to Rating and Council Tax Bill to increase the council tax premium charged on empty homes

Independent review of building regulations and fire safety calls for extension of proposed ban on combustible cladding

£1 billion VAT bombshell for building supplies


Architects, urban planners address gentrification of US cities through design

Mortality rates among homeless adults in Boston who avoid shelters, known as 'rough sleepers'


Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change  - Select Committee Report Published

The summer the world caught fire: Stunning interactive map reveals how record temperatures are being recorded all over the globe

MIT Report warns that extreme heat and humidity could make parts of China uninhabitable by 2070   wet bulb temperatures may rise to an extent that humans (and many other mammals) are unable to lose body heat and will die


Built Environment

Science Fiction Cities: How our future visions influence the cities we build

Government publishes NPPF with vow to deliver quality homes

Our house design problem isn't too many rooms, it's too much stuff

Mixed reaction to new NPPF

Careers Advice: The importance of having urban design skills/knowledge as a planner

The future of the city centre


Europe may thrive on renewable energy despite unpredictable weather


London Mayor, TfL and the Met launch plan to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on Londons roads  - 'Vision Zero' approach will see a new 20mph speed limit introduced on all TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone

New Green man authority traffic signals in London will give pedestrians the green light by default with traffic phase on red

The role of ticketing technology in the rise of Mobility-as-a-Service

UK transport infrastructure exacerbates housing crisis says RIBA

Where are all the female transport planners?

Riding an e-bike promotes fitness and health -- already after four weeks

Natural Environment

Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself

World's marine wilderness is dwindling

Time is running out in the tropics -- researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse


The science of why heatwaves are so dangerous to human health

Parental depression linked to kids' increased use of health services

Neural link between depression and bad sleep identified

Politics and Economics

Poor mental health days may cost the economy billions of dollars

Brexit will be very bad for the NHS, survey of UK doctors reveals


Breakthrough in industrial CO2 usage