Urban Update 29 May 2018

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Built Environment

Housing affordability: Taking a more creative approach to new homes

“Design for Liveability”- Leading international experts explore ways to make cities liveable during Knowledge of Design Week 2018


How Local Communities Can Transition to Sustainable Energy Systems


Noise pollution is one of the biggest health risks in city life


Analyzing What Dallas Can Do To Address Pedestrian Deaths

Electric Cars Don’t Solve Many Of Our Transportation Problems

Natural Environment

The public realm can be at the forefront of tackling climate change

Urban design gone wrong: Parks

Limiting global warming levels can reduce dengue fever cases


Prehistoric people also likely disrupted by environmental change


Oxytocin, vasopressin flatten social hierarchy and synchronize behaviours

What makes us happy about where we live?

Why it is worth rethinking age boundaries

PLOS ONE study shows impact of aggressive conversations taking place nearby on personal space boundaries

Social media posts may signal whether a protest will become violent


Urban Design
Around the World



How to fix Parliament House - what about some neighbours?


Indigenous communities moving away from government energy utilities


How 20th century Cypriot buildings reflected a desire to be European


Paris is building the eco-community of the future right now. Here’s how.


How Indian Cities are Squeezing the People out of Public Spaces

Mumbai’s neglected drinking fountains are getting facelifts


The largest mall in the US is coming to Miami, and it will have a massive indoor water park and ice rink

Opinion: Alexandria gets housing affordability wrong