Urban Update 29 June 2018

Urban Design Around the World


Australian cities are lagging behind in greening up their buildings

Local government eyes social media for feedback


More Burnaby demovictions to be discussed at public hearing

People who walk and bike in Toronto are fed up


Beijing caps population of sub-center at 1.3 mln

New Zealand

Westgate developer sues Auckland Council for $33 million

Intelligent transport technology vital in Auckland Transports 10-year plan

Republic of Ireland

Commuter bikes take over from cars in Copenhagen but how far behind is Dublin?


Government sets out next steps for Heathrow expansion

Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission report calls for one million new homes

House prices rise in Manchester in Edinburgh, rise at nine year low in London and fall in Cambridge and Aberdeen

DfT publishes range of documents on the national transport model, transport appraisal, and a scoping study on the valuation of time savings.  

"Don't create a sad replica of Glasgow School of Art"

The Best New Buildings In London This Year Have Just Been Revealed...


No L Train Challenge: I Raced From Manhattan to Williamsburg Wearing an Electronic Mood Sensor. Heres What Happened

Clea Wurster: LA shouldnt let river revitalization project fall prey to gentrification


Research and News


Built Environment

Designing Better Affordable Housing in New York

20 things every city can do to boost the quality of public life

How Great Cities Are Made


Reduce Demand. Clean up electricity. Electrify everything.


Physical exercise improves the life quality of those living in care homes for the elderly

A common ingredient in toothpaste and hand wash could be contributing to antibiotic resistance

Brussels Declaration had extensive involvement of tobacco and alcohol industry actors

Natural Environment

More climate action in industry, transport and building sectors needed to meet Paris climate targets

Coastal Communities, Watch Out: Sea Level Rise Threatens Your Homes

Climate change to overtake land use as major threat to global biodiversity

Journal explores database that quantifies environmental impacts in a 'global' world

Biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative synthesized by CSU chemists

The seed that could bring clean water to millions


Asylum seekers are not a 'burden' for European economies

Democracy in decline for one-third of the world

Political leaning influences city water policies as strongly as climate


Police killings of unarmed black Americans affect mental health of black community

Around the world, people have surprisingly modest notions of the 'ideal' life

Rush hour metro crowd governed by people's eagerness to go home

Putting oneself in another person's place is the best antidote against prejudice

How your brain decides between knowledge and ignorance