Urban Update 28 April 2016


60 tall buildings set to change Perth City skyline


Toronto: Charting a Path for Unprecedented Growth


China’s Newly Imagined ‘Green’ City Gets Its First $19 Billion in Funding

China plans to build a US$290 billion city near Beijing

China open to global ideas for Xiongan New Area design

New Zealand

NZIA Awards Urban Design Winner



Smart Cities NYC 17,
A new event centered on urban design and technology taking place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard from May 3-6, 201


London Mayor Seeks Design Advocates


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Children not able to judge oncoming traffic to cross streets safely 

Researchers a the University of Iowa tested the ability of children to cross a street with traffic travelling at 25mph using in a virtual 3D simulated street crossing exercise with oncoming The researchers found:

·         6-year-olds were struck by vehicles 8 percent of the time;

·         8-year-olds were struck 6 percent;

·         10-year-olds were struck 5 percent; and

·         12-year-olds were struck 2 percent.
Those age 14 and older had no accidents.

The conclusion is that research shows perceptual judgment and motor skills not fully developed until age 14


Implications for duty of care

On the basis of this research, and earlier research by the Royal Holloway College which demonstrated the inability of younger children to judge traffic traveling faster than 20mph, councils and professionals responsible for designing or managing areas that children  are likely to use, may be unable to successfully defend actions in negligence unless they have taken steps to reduce the speeds to levels with which children can cope. 


Houses on leafier streets in three Sydney suburbs worth $50,000 more: Aecom analysis

Global engineering and urban design company AECOM analysed tree canopy coverage and five years of house price data in three Sydney suburbs: Blacktown, Willoughby and Annandale

The biggest difference was in Annandale, where the average canopy coverage is about 25 per cent: houses in streets with 35 per cent tree coverage were worth $61,000 more.

Streets with 28 per cent canopy coverage in Annandale were 4 degrees cooler than streets with 20 per cent canopy coverage.




Built Environment

The old mall is dead and Florida’s largest retail developments are showing what comes next

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Call to demolish Interstate-275 and replacement with boulevard

There seems to be an increasing realisation across the globe that multi lane highways  can successfully be replaced with normal looking streets.  Poynton demonstrates that 27,000 vehicles per day can be accommodated in


Listen To The Sound Of Manhattan 400 Years Ago

Birds chirping! Frogs croaking! Leaves rustling! Lower Manhattan used to sound downright soothing, as a new virtual experience shows.


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Cycling to work could help you live longer and greatly reduces the chance of developing cancer, study reveals

Cycling to work lowers the risk of dying early by 40 per cent, and reduces the chance of developing cancer by 45 per cent.

Similarly a daily bike ride to the office nearly halves the risk of heart disease

Diesel cars can improve air quality, claims motor industry group | The Guardian


Tech companies should move closer to transit, says new report - Silicon Valley companies criticised for “reinforcing dependence on cars”

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Cable Car proposed as traffic solution for Nairobi 

Group calls for Eastbourne seafront parking to be replaced with cycle lane