Urban Update 27 March 2018

Urban Design around the World


Good design threatened by Sydney’s rapid development, leading architects say



Critics say new Vancouver policy will change city skyline ‘as we know it’ As Montreal's cookie era ends, so does a century-old utopian scheme



This Copenhagen Rooftop Renovation Embodies the Future of Urban Design



'War junk' left behind in Lapland by Germans is valuable cultural heritage to locals


Northern Ireland

University College Dublin (UCD) has launched an international design competition covering 24ha of its campus.



Conference to set out economic growth opportunities in the Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge Corridor



American schools used to be gorgeous public buildings. Don't turn them into prisons.



Research and Innovation News

MIT predicts 10 breakthrough technologies of 2018



In new drivers, male teens handle car better than older men


New study shows that good bike infrastructure encourages winter cycling


Pavements are for everybody. Except pedestrians


Energy storage leap could slash electric car charging times


Zaha Hadid Architects Has a Plan to Make London More Walkable


Humans, Health, Society

Being raised in greener neighborhoods may have beneficial effects on brain development


Food insecurity screening works, but social stigma stands in its way


Obesity could be linked to early childhood behaviour


Diet shown to reduce stroke risk may also reduce risk of depression


Levels of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in England estimated to be 20%


Diagnosis is not enough: Predicting avoidable transfers from nursing homes is complex


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Study: Police use of force is rare, as are significant injuries to suspects


Interview: Theo Deutinger about how architecture and design can be used as forms of oppression


Lightning-speed deliveries and autonomous cars could accelerate the current big-box implosion.



Built Environment

The way streets and buildings are arranged makes a big difference in how heat builds up, study shows


Book Review: The Icon Project: Architecture, Cities and Capitalist Globalisation by Leslie Sklair


Supergraphics: how colour, imagery and type can transform public spaces


Natural Environment

Wind and solar power could meet four-fifths of US electricity demand, study finds


Health staff 'too stressed' to deal with disasters


Half of world's oceans now fished industrially, maps reveal


The Revenge of the Beech Trees Is Already Underway