Urban Update 22 May 2019


Airbnb: whos in, whos out, and what this tells us about rental impacts in Sydney and Melbourne



Citizens group raises objections to Mumbai Development Plan


New Zealand

What makes Kiwi kids more likely to walk to school?



Sohos unique sexual character should be preserved, say researchers

Urban Village Fete returns to Greenwich Peninsula, London's hottest new creative neighbourhood



Levees Make Mississippi River Floods Worse, But We Keep Building Them

Urban Design Observations: Abandoned Storefront Graffiti Etiquette

New plans for Spire site: Arresting towers, solid urban design and room for improvement

Panel of experts formed to advise on Burlington's future urban design

Hundreds of senior citizens will soon be walking highway 99 in Tukwila


Built Environment

Urban design gone wrong: Density

Reimagining spaces under elevated infrastructure



Precise analysis of the particulate composition of smog

Dont wait for a unicorn: investing in low-carbon tech now will save money

One-Third of the Worlds Protected Areas Are Threatened by Intense Human Pressure

Pay-backs to Africa from the Paris Agreement's temperature targets



New study sheds light on the opioid epidemic and challenges prevailing views about this public health crisis

Mediterranean diet may blunt air pollution's ill health effects

Exercise to stay young: 4-5 days a week to slow down your heart's aging

Ultra-clean homes could trigger childhood leukaemia, major review suggests



Research shows how navigational hazards in metro maps confuse travellers

Avoiding the car for travel could significantly lower risk of illness and death

The End Of Parking Lots As We Know Them: Designing For A Driverless Future



How unemployment impacts political destabilization in Western and Eastern Europe



Piezoelectric ceramic foam: Flexible, highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting

Advanced biofuels can be produced extremely efficiently claim Swedish researchers



Kids show adult-like intuition about ownership

People Make Different Moral Choices in Imagined Versus Real-Life Situations

Why are the elderly increasingly more inclined to live alone?