Urban Update 22 June 2018 - News

Urban Design around the World


To design safer parks for women, city planners must listen to their stories


Flat-townhouse complex draws 14 objections in a week



Junk Science Week: Obesity experts fight for sugar taxes while beating down evidence



More of the Chinese population will be exposed to heat waves



National car versus the public’s health



Integrated approach is the best way to manage urban growth, expert says


New Zealand

Move made to put urban design on Government’s agenda


Saudi Arabia

Lifting of Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving poses policy challenges



Aberdeen councillors asked to approve £550,000 for new public space



Wynyard 'white elephant' bridge plan 'a waste of money'


Building More, Building Beautiful – Policy Exchange Report


Great British High Street Competition



See the top-secret suburbs that built America’s nuclear weapons

News and Research

Built Environment

From Fallout to Half-Life, urban planning is crucial for game design



Nine benches created by young designers enliven London


Politics and Economics

Study finds less corruption in countries where more women are in government


Better be safe than sorry: Economic optimization risks tipping of Earth system elements




Clean energy investment ‘must be 50% higher’ to limit warming to 1.5C


Huge mistake’: Britain throwing away lead in tidal energy, say developers



Study on social interactions could improve understanding of mental health risks


New study shows that watching films set in a natural environment boosts body image



Highways have divided and afflicted city neighbourhoods for decades. Can they be redeemed?


Natural Environment

Palm oil: The carbon cost of deforestation


Who do people think is to blame for marine litter?


Humans are causing mammals to increasingly adopt the nightlife


Agricultural intensification not a 'blueprint' for sustainable development


Original habitat is best, but restoration still makes a big difference


Breathing better may be an added benefit of biodiversity



Few early parent education programs available to help dads


First significant study on autism and homelessness


Women’s basic rights under threat from Trump gag rule, warn experts



Ten megatrends every investor should know about


Ground-breaking discoveries could create superior alloys with many applications


Can smart city tech shape America’s real estate?