Urban Update 18 May 2018

Urban Design Around the World



Place Design Group's 'Future Street' takes out Urban Challenge award



Leave Toronto’s old Bank of Canada building alone

Milton adopts new guidelines for mid-rise and tall buildings

Hamilton, it’s time to clean up our act — literally



Can Hong Kong’s Central harbourfront be more than prime real estate?



Amanda Levete and Junya Ishigami among shortlist for Eiffel Tower overhaul



British consultant wins Budapest bridge competition



Foster + Partners to masterplan new sustainable city in India



Redesigning Las Vegas: Entertainment Architecture for the Experience Economy

Tourist-heavy Wall Street could get pedestrian-friendly improvements



Research and News


Built Environment

The new shifts in high-rise tenancy expectations

Homes 'R' Us: build 300,000 homes on London's ‘big shed’ shop sites, say design gurus



Research suggests a 15-minute 'daily mile' could enhance health of the world's children

Serving smaller alcoholic drinks could reduce the UK's alcohol consumption

Why older workers might be more stressed than younger ones

Job strain linked to onset of common mental illness

Men with a highly physical job have an 18 percent higher risk of early death than those with inactive work

Like People, Diseases Travel Fast These Days

The big ethical questions for artificial intelligence in healthcare

Patients and caregivers value caring, continuity, and accountability in care transitions



Can Chinese cities leave the car behind?

These Uber Air ‘Skyport’ concepts look straight out of Star Wars


Natural Environment

Global forests expanding: Reflects wellbeing, not rising CO2, experts say

Punching holes in graphene to boost hydrogen production

Urban Design Observations: The Functional Volume vs. Actual Mass of Trash

Study says insurance industry dangerously unprepared for extreme weather



Neuroimaging research provides new insight into urge to rebel

Are your children overdoing it? Too many extracurricular activities can do more harm than good