Urban Update - 16 November 2017

News and Research

Energy, Climate Change

Butterfly wing inspires photovoltaics: Light absorption can be enhanced by up to 200 percent

Urban trees are growing faster worldwide



NASA and Uber's Flying Taxis Will Transform Cities

Cyclists slam Cambridge North hotel and office development saying layout could put people in 'peril'


Humans, Health, Society

Lonely Britain: Number of middle-aged people living alone in the UK jumps by almost a MILLION in 20 years thanks to rising divorce rates

Should exercise be what the doctor orders for depression?

Brace yourself for coming heatwaves, there are at least 27 ways they can kill you

BU: Air pollution exposure inequality persists in Massachusetts

Scientists update their 'warning to humanity' on its 25th anniversary

'It's time to act now', say researchers who found pollution at six times world safety limit in Deptford and New Cross

‘Air pollution causes 6.5 million premature deaths every year’

Another reason to exercise: Protecting your sight

More density means less obesity. But there’s a sweet spot: Too much density is bad, too.


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

House price falls now widespread, say surveyors

No-growth economy could mean fewer crashes and higher wages, study shows

Combating Trump administration threat to environmental justice data: A progress report


Built Environment

Jan Gehl: “In The Last 50 Years, Architects Have Forgotten What a Good Human Scale Is”

Who is Responsible for the Future of Cities?

How much of your area is built on?

Plans for a pedestrianised Oxford Street don't go far enough

The UK's ultimate HOUSING ESTATES revealed: Newcastle’s Byker Wall is unlikely winner in urban awards top 10

Spectacular buildings for everyone: how to stop ugly housing and fix urban planning for good

Savvy city planners will be tomorrow's climate heroes

Fort Worthology: A Tale of Two Main Street Plazas


Natural Environment

China's sulfur dioxide emissions fell significantly while India's grew over last decade

Urbanization may have a positive effect on the soils

Commentary: In era of climate change, don’t build unnecessary pipelines

Spider webs and succulents inspire this water-collection startup




National Trust slams Newcastle Store building demolition

Protesters chain themselves to save priceless Aboriginal artefacts


Downtown Park to Honour Indigenous Leader Through Design

Low-carbon economy will not be made by policy alone


OPINION | Avoiding Airpocalypse: It's Time to Move Beyond Quick Fixes and Tackle the Root Cause of Crisis


Cork flood defences: Pulling together for design of Corks quays


Glasgow city £1.8M makeover contract awarded


More green spaces in high-rise buildings targeted for Singapore's concrete jungle