Urban Update 15 June 2018

Urban Design Around the World


World first development in Melbournes east has farm on shopping centre roof


After the Griffins: reclaiming Canberras streets for people



Peterborough planners envision green city with more urban intensification


New Zealand

$6.5m upgrade to Wairoa's wastewater scheme proposed in Long Term Plan



Why a little French surrealism (not big chains) can save our high streets


UK facing 'ecological apocalypse', Chris Packham warns


RIP Britain's high streets. Stop bewailing them and think afresh



Six-acre park opens at Williamsburg's Domino Sugar Factory site


How A 1970s Plan For San Diego Sustainability Still Has Relevance


Chicago Needs More Classical Main Streets


Better than a wall: flood control thats sustainable, beautiful, and fair



News and Research

Built Environment

Planners are No Longer Generalists with a Specialty


UAEs National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale explores the capacity of architecture to connect with history, time, place and people


A Defence of the Suburbs



30% of the UKs natural gas could be replaced by hydrogen, cutting carbon emissions



How physically active are adolescents, young adults?


Loneliness is bad for the heart


Large study finds workplace foods contribute to unhealthy eating


Natural Environment

Hurricanes Are Moving SlowerAnd That's a Huge Problem


Global vegetable supply could plummet by more than a third due to climate change, says study



Philosopher warns against 'drifting into state terrorism'


Renationalising railways supported by almost two thirds of Britons, exclusive poll reveals



3,000-year-old Bronze Age oak road to be preserved in Co Westmeath


Hun migrations 'linked to deadly Justinian Plague'



Study Shows 'Collateral Damage' Tied to Neighborhood Violence


Bad news becomes hysteria in crowds, new research shows



A reader traces the electric scooter craze to the growing influence of Chinese manufacturing on our global urban environment.


What Mobility as a Service (MaaS) means for the transportation industry


Londons Oxford Street is 50 years behind cities where pedestrianisation has worked



First look: Londons roadmap to becoming the worlds smartest city