Urban Update 14 May 2019

Dear Colleague


I am writing to ask whether you would be interested in giving a presentation at this year’s National Urban Design Conference.   

We run the conference on a non-profit making basis to give the greatest opportunity for people to participate and share their views, ideas and insight.   


The broad theme of the Conference is “Making People Friendly Places”.

It will cover economics, society and environment, and everything from small scale design details, to climate change and ecosystems; from new technology through to social infrastructure and the challenge of bringing humanity to our towns and cities.

Making – means finding ways of making things happen in our day-jobs; about making a difference

People – means all people from children to elderly, men and women, disabled and infirm, rich and poor

Friendly – can mean health, wellbeing, employment, equity and social justice

Places – means anything from people friendly street corners, to a people friendly planet.

Subjects you might like to cover could include:

  • Changes to central or local government policy
  • New and improved practice ranging from new technology to the human dimension such as how to create strong communities and neighbourhoods
  • How to pay for people friendly places
  • Case studies of best practice
  • Research
  • Your strongly held views

For more background and further ideas please visit the UDG website


If you would be interested, please complete the online form telling us more about what you might like to present, by Sunday 26th May 2019.


Even if you have never given a presentation, don’t be put off getting in touch.  There are plenty of opportunities.  We would also welcome international speakers.


The conference takes place on 26– 27 – 28 September in Birmingham, centring around Millennium Point, close to the High Speed 2 station currently under construction.

Thursday 26: Urban DesignFest our traditional warm up to the conference proper. A fun, informal evening and a perfect opportunity if you have a snappy 5 minute presentation designed to inspire, create sparks, entertain…; or maybe some other idea – we are open to suggestions!

Friday 27: main conference; workshops

Saturday 28: walks and site visits

We very much look forward to a stimulating conference in a state-of-the-art venue (a former IMax cinema) so do take the opportunity to get involved!


Best wishes



Robert Huxford


Urban Design Group

Registered Charity 326123