Urban Update 13 July 2018


Skanderbeg Square project in Tirania Albania wins 2018 European prize for Urban Public Space



Building boom: 'We have allowed far too much crap to be built'


New city rules to target bad and good building plans



Bollard test on Sparks Street aims to restore the 'pedestrian' mall


Denley: A 65-storey tower in Ottawa? Council should think twice



Environmental Hazards and Negligence in Havanas Vedado Neighborhood



Decks and the City: Artist proposes gardens over car parks in Beirut


Land pooling policy is a great chance for DDA to undo past errors



5 super-tall skyscrapers coming soon to Tel Aviv



How Singapore can renew ethnic neighbourhoods without losing their traditional character



Huge increase in Dundee city centre population


Fletcher Priest reveals masterplan for major Oxford scheme


The pressure of the British government to reform the green belt is growing



Cat Goughnour is pushing several cities to give community members more say in urban design.


Mural concealed by wooden fence on adjacent lot




Built Environment

Big urban design trends that are popular right now


50 Planning Terms & Concepts All Architects Should Know



Providing care based on need not ability to pay is the NHS's greatest achievement


What does fitness in midlife mean for depression, cardiovascular disease later in life?


Healthcare spending in late life is not wasteful, predictive model shows


It's all relative: How our brains overstate the prevalence and intensity of threats



Self-heating, fast-charging battery makes electric vehicles climate-immune


Autonomous cars pose threat to road congestion, warns World Economic Forum


Editorial: Why requiring fewer parking spaces makes sense


Natural Environment

How to effectively design for a biodiverse, urban future


City-level action is the right way to tackle emissions, study shows


Smartphones used to track migrations caused by climate change


India must find alternatives to rice if it is to feed its growing population, scientists warn


World banana supplies on genetic knife edge


All-time heat records set all over the world this week proof of global warming, say experts




'Lower status' people more likely to share wealth than 'higher status' people


Empathetic police are less effective in the face of public criticism, study says