Urban Update - 12 May 2017


Bringing Indigenous principles to development in East Vancouver

Indigenous design is an emerging and growing concept in the world of urban planning and architecture. The 110-year-old Royal Architectural Institute of Canada formed an Indigenous Task Force last year (of which Scott is a member), and this month in Ottawa will host the association’s first International Indigenous Architecture and Design Symposium, attracting indigenous architects and design professionals from across Canada, as well as New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.


Ontario “Registered Professional Planners Act, 2017” receives second reading



The coffin homes of Hong Kong - Independent



Challenge of waste disposal in India’s cities



How park benches are paving the way for collective design



New Zealand

Redevelopment fears for iconic 1920s St Kevin's Arcade Auckland


Christchurch masterplan defended




2018 Masters degree in resilient Urban Design to address rising floodwaters

Built Environment

The Case for Turning Big, Wide Roads Into Human-Scale Streets

Article following up paper by University of Colorado Denver researchers Wesley Marshall and Carolyn McAndrews, “Understanding Livable Streets in the Context of Arterials that Surround Them,  Wider network of streets needs to be considered, rather than just focusing traffic onto arterial roads.


How to maximise sunlight in a city of sky scrapers


City of Pittsburgh hold self-driving vehicle summit


We should create cities for slowing down – Sydney Morning Herald


How Disneyland's Main Street, USA, Changed the Design and Preservation of American Cities

“It felt good to walk through Disney's city, with its varied facades and approachable architecture. Pedestrians were even welcome in the roadway, which they shared with motorcars and horse-drawn railcars.”


Walt Disney original concept sketches rediscovered


Confronting Urban Design’s Diversity Crisis with a Return to Black Places

An initiative taking shape at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture wants to disrupt conventional notions of planning.


A last hurrah for plotlanders, Britain's interwar guerrilla housebuilders


Changes in lift design could translate into changes in city design

·         Carbon fibre Ultra-rope could enable lifts to reach 1000 metres in a single stage

·         More than one elevator cab travelling in one shaft at the same time

·         Lifts that can travel horizontally as well as vertically

·         Using linear electro-magnetic motors rather than cables

·         Benefit of maximising floor space, and increasing pedestrian flow


Architect Joe Holyoak makes a final plea to retain two historic city buildings facing demolition under Barratt scheme in the interests of mixed use and economic diversity

Joe is a member of the Urban Design Journal Editorial Board


Energy, Climate Change

Solar energy prices in India tumbles to new record low making it cheaper than fossil-fuel generated power – The Independent


Humans, Health, Society

Office for National Statistics Report on Social Capital in the UK 2017

·         Just over 2/3rds of people report stopping and talking to their neighbour (which means that just under 1/3rd don’t)

·         Less sociable - people who  meet friends, relatives or work colleagues at least once a week – down from 71 percent in 2012 to 61 percent in 2014

·         The change is attributed to the rise in the use of social media.

·         Around 4 percent of people reported feeling lonely often or allways -


Diseases hidden in ice, could be released by rising temperatures



Man ordered to restore front garden after spending “£10k” on drive | Daily Mail Online

Billionaire Christian Candy wins battle to create garden in front of house in conservation area that may or may not have been part of the original scheme


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Do new roads benefit the economy? – Guardian


Street food: Thai foodies defend Bangkok vendor culture



Three revolutions in movement – Automation, electrification, sharing


5 Reasons why Portland is a cycle friendly city


Can plastic roads help save the planet? - BBC News


Google Street View used to discover 'lost' cycle ways - BBC News


Rome unveils 'museum' metro station packed with hundreds of ancient artefacts found during construction


Cyclists should be given priority over drivers on the roads, MPs say - Telegraph