Urban Update 11 May 2018


After 30 years, does Parliament House serve politicians and people?


Republic of Ireland

To compete and prosper, our cities need fewer cars



Barton Willmore: Glasgow should be considered frontrunners for new Channel 4 HQ

Flood-hit Leeds industrial site could be turned into new housing

Samantha Campbells rise through the ranks to become Liverpools first female head of planning



Renewing Kingston NY for the Second Time

6 firms compete to redesign Lynn MAs 300-acre waterfront

Does Christopher Hawthorne have what it takes to plan for L.A.s future?


Built Environment

Urban design gone wrong: Lazy frontages

Housing should be more resilient to flood damage, architects say

Green building isn't enough; we need green zoning.

Multi-storey park concept aims to give inhabitants a break from urban stress



For women with history of pregnancy loss, walking may aid chance of becoming pregnant

Living in better neighborhood may protect health of kids in poverty



A Montreal study reveals that people who travel by car are four times more likely to be injured than people who travel by city bus

Will Automated Vehicles Take the Stress Out of Driving? Research Says "Don't Count on It."


Natural Environment

Oilseed crop's waste product yields compounds that protect skin from the sun

Impacts of windfarm construction on harbor porpoises

New climate 'feedback loop' discovered in freshwater lakes

Why conservation policies which value species based on their 'usefulness' are putting birds like the humble hooded crow at risk



Around a million fewer people moved house in the 2000s than in the 1970s

Alleviating Homelessness: ULI Advisory Services Panel Crafts Recommendations for Los Angeles

Police violence takes most years of life from youth and people of colour

How Recent Economy Kept Black, White Young Adults From Leaving Nest



Talking Headways Podcast with Shannon Mattern: How Media Has Shaped the City

Uber just gave the world a first look at its air taxi prototype

Cooper Hewitt reveals 2018 National Design Award honorees

Should ethics or human intuition drive the moral judgments of driverless cars?