Urban Update - 11 July 2017


Australia - Infrastructure and Housing Investment Must Prioritise Urban Design


Planning Institute Of Australia: We Don’t Need An Urban Design Trigger


Entries open for the 2017 Australian Urban Design Awards



Calgary seeking submissions for Mayor’s Urban Design Awards



China's New 'Forest City' Will Make You Rethink Urban Cities


Too many traffic signs in Delhi;  not enough clarity, 70% ‘wrongly placed’


New Zealand

Putting people at the centre of urban designNZ



What are the biggest problems faced by America’s cities?  





Tube map created for people with anxiety/claustrophobia


How do we make our main roads better, bigger and more beautiful? We need to Create boulevards


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

50 inventions that created the modern world– BBC


Walkable urban areas can become playgrounds for the rich. Is there any way to prevent that?


Cities are complex systems. We should analyse them as such



Energy, Climate Change

Climate change to increase risk and height of extreme sea level events
1 in 100 year event at Brest could be 4 metres above normal


Record rainfall hits Paris 49.2mm in one hour


Paris was flooded last year with a national emergency being declared


'Very strong' climate change signal in record June heat


Urban design in the time of climate change: making a friend of floods


Sustainable Design of Communities Dramatically Reduces Waste– Scientific American The Oakland Ecoblock project: Moving beyond the green-home level, ambitious projects are attempting to join blocks of buildings into a single sustainable unit



Computer modelling helping us to design towns and cities - Sustrans


Minecraft used to design public spaces in more than 25 developing countries


Pokémon Go and Plymouth: How games are impacting urban design


Built Environment

Secret of how Roman concrete survived tidal battering for 2,000 years revealed

Modern steel reinforced concrete made with Portland cement, eventually splits and disintegrates after long term exposure to salt.  Roman concrete, made with volcanic materials, sees continued crystalisation with the growth of “aluminous tobermorite”. The minerals form fine fibres and plates that make the concrete more resilient and less susceptible to fracture over time.


Concrete may help curb air pollution, shows new study


Bees affected by land use zoning proposals


Manchester Building of the Year Shortlist of 7


Humans, Health, Society

“Building bridges” has failed to unite us. America needs to embrace the front porch instead


Survey of impact on citizens of park design and maintenance; neighborhood order and disorder; and welcoming civic spaces and buildings.

·         Litter is associated with depleted civic trust.

·         People living near popular parks report greater community connection and greater satisfaction with local government - 14 percent more likely to report satisfaction with police and 13 percent with the mayor.

A moderate clean-up of a vacant lot can significantly enhance measures of civic trust — including a 13 percent increase in the belief that people care