Urban Update 11 December 2017


The push for rental-only zoning in Vancouver

Strategy to deal with land price escalation and pressure of condo market

Vancouver developers fear 'alarming' land prices hinder profit

Calgary announces Urban Design Award winners

Republic of Ireland

Inner-city neighbourhood shows the way in protecting heritage of centuries past

The case of Shandon, an inner-city district of Cork and an Architectural Conservation Area


Housebuilders issue Brexit plea as poll shows UK reliance on EU workers

Brownfield land is unable to meet housing need, report claims
The claim is that brownfield has the potential for 200,000 homes, despite the ten-year demand for housing being 550,000 homes.  It is not clear what the basis for the calculation is or the densities that have been assumed.   The report does not appear to be available.

Bolton and District Civic Trust reports 'deep concern' over development of pivotal Cheadle Square site

Sunday Times columnist suggests that Oxfordshire should be concreted over

The London Plan – implications for architects



Hurricane Harvey was one of the top 10 most costly natural disasters of all-time



News and Research

Your autopilot mode is real – now we know how the brain does it

Here’s how gaming can help plan the cities of the future


UK Rail Strategy “This is not a strategy – it’s a fast track to the dark ages of rail
Rail lines closed in Beeching era could reopen

What Will It Take to Close The Gender Gap In Urban Cycling?

VeloCity – Tibbalds led all-women team win of Oxford/Cambridge Infrastructure contest

Children who commute to school unaccompanied have greater autonomy and decision-making ability

Is underground transit worse for your health?

Urban design: Time to rethink the street?

Could an understanding of choreography help with the design of transport systems?

Built Environment

Creating?Streets People Can Identify With

Smart city planned for former US Navy airfield near Boston

The Quiet Revolution Happening in the Suburbs
Mixed-use development increasing in popularity

What if everything you know about the suburbs is wrong?
Interview with editors of Infinite Suburbia book

Avenue of trees planted to mark fallen Sheffield soldiers of World War I to be felled?

Will Grenfell change everything?


Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Shoppers still prefer the high street for Christmas
2000 person survey finds that almost 52 per cent of participants stated they do their Christmas shopping in-store compared with meagre 9.5 per cent who said they predominantly do Christmas shopping online.

We love predicting the future but we have lost the ambition to plan for it


Humans, Health, Society

UK obesity levels among the worst in Europe -- heart disease statistics from more than 45 countries

Six in 10 food adverts during family TV shows push junk food, new study reveals

Price changes for seven foods could save thousands of lives per year, study says

Doctors Increasingly Becoming 'Nursing Home Specialists'

Consumption is the bottleneck for sustainable development

Air pollution of levels found in busy streets erases benefits of exercise research suggests

Exercise changes gut bacteria and may prevent bowel cancer


Natural Environment

The world needs to rethink the value of water

Polar bear blogs reveal dangerous gap between climate-change facts and opinions



Bones show prehistoric women's intensive manual labour during advent of agriculture

Rising seas threaten Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in the USA

Ancient China: Colossal Waterway System Built by 5,000-Year-Old Liangzhu Civilization Discovered by Scientists