Urban Design 84 - Autumn 2002

New Town Malaysia

Publication Date: 01 September 2002

News and events
Director’s Column
CABE, The first three years and the next
A Sense of Place, Kevin Lynch Lecture

New Town Malaysia, Jon Lang

The London Plan, Judith Ryser
Sheffield’s New Heart, Andrew Beard & Jeremy Till
An Urban Design Institute? Derek Abbott, Barry Sellers

Topic: Devolution and Urban Design
Introduction, Matthew Carmona
England, Matt Lally
Northern Ireland, Mike Jenks
Scotland, Rob Cowan
Wales, John Punter
U. K., Matthew Carmona

Case Study
Little Somerford, Ian Bertram

Caution: Urban Design, Tim Stonor of Space Syntax

Book Reviews
The Good Place Guide, John Billingham & Richard Cole
Planning for Crime Prevention, Schneider & Kitchen
Utopian England, Dennis Hardy
Innovative Cities, James Simmie
The Gaia Atlas of Cities, Herbert Girardet

Practice Index

Education Index