Urban Design 77 – Winter 2001

UDAL Conference
Cover - Exchange Square, Manchester
(Lee Grant for Manchester CC Special Projects)
News and events
  • Leader 4
  • Virtual Reality in Urban Design 4
  • Dimensions of Sustainability 4
  • Streets for People 5
  • Lisbon - UDG visit 6
  • The Good Place Guide Feedback 7

The UDG procedural review, Marcus Wilshere 7

The White Paper-A New Vision for Urban Living?
Matthew Carmona 8
The role of Landscape Architects in Urban Design
Alison Peters and Ashley Scott 9
Studying Urban Design in Sweden, Brian Evans 10
Johannesburg Social Housing Projects, Christos Daskalakos 12
Urban Design Week 2000: I
ntroduction, Judith Ryser 15
The Governments View, Nick Raynsford 16
Maximising Opportunities, Sir Neil Cossons 18
Resolving Conflicts, Sir Stuart Lipton, Les Sparks 20
International Perspectives, Michael Hebbert, 23
Maintaining Premier League Status, Richar Leese 25
Nottingham's Framework, Jane Todd 26
Testing Placechecks, Robert Cowan 28
London Bus Tour, Sebastian Loew 29
Barking & Dagenham: it's just a kiss away.. ,,Hugo Wuyts 30
Urban Strategies for Berlin, Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton 31
Sustainability Through Converting Buildings to Residential Use,
Tim Heath and Tanner Oc 35
Case Study
Bristol Legible City, Andrew Gibbins and Michael Rawlinson 37
Book Reviews
  • Tourists in Historic Towns by Aylin Orbasli 41
  • Architetes by Louis Hellman 41
  • The CIAM Discourse on Urbanism by Eric Mumford 42
  • Conservation Plans in Action, English Heritage 42
  • Hundertjahre Hochhauser by Bruno Flierl Huss-Medien 43
  • City of Westminster High Buildings Study, EDAW 43
  • Streets for All, English Heritage 44

Practice Index 45

Education Index 51
Endpiece 51