Urban Design 74 – April 2000

Research in Urban Design
Cover - New Cross City, London: Proposals by PRP Architects
News and Events
Hong Kong
Special General Meeting
Ken Livingstone
Good Place Guide
Making London Simple
Community Planning Handbook
Colchester and Pavia, Nicholas Falk
Training, Sebastian Loew
Research in Urban Design
  • Introduction
  • Community and Participation
  • IT and Urban Design
  • Landscape and Townscape
  • Movement and Urban Design
  • Morphology and History
  • Sustainable Urban Capacity
  • Mixed Use and Housing
  • Urban Design and Culture
  • Social Aspects
  • Planning/Management
Case studies
Dublin Docks: Urban Initiatives
New Cross City, London: PRP Architects
Book Reviews
  • Community Planning Handbook: Nick Wates
  • Alvar Aalto: Goran Schildt
  • The City Reader: R T LeGates & F Stout
  • Manhattan Skyscrapers: E P Nash
  • New York Vertical: Horst Hamann
  • Design by Competition: J L Nazar
  • Changing Suburbs: R Harris & P Larkham
  • Built Environment
Practice Index 43
Education Index 46
Endpiece 47
Crescent City: Bob Jarvis