Urban Design 69 - January 1999

London at the Millennium
Cover - Aerial view of London
Inside Front Cover - Urban Design Alliance News
News & Events
Leader 4
The Connected City
Urban Design Makes Better Cities 5
Zero Friction Society 6
UDAL Seminar: New Priorities for Urban Design?
UDAL/UDG Think Tank: The City in 2028 7
The Richness of Cities
Living in the City 8
24-Hour City: Fact or Fiction? 9
Urban Design Tools, Methods and Processes
Regeneration of the Barbican Area, Plymouth 10
udg@barcelona 11
Alan Stones
Design and the Local Politician
Jeremy Fraser
London at the Millennium 14
A Politician's View: Nicky Gavron Interviewed 15
English Heritage and the Public Realm 16
Eddie Booth
Urban Design in London: The Year 2000 19
Giles Dolphin
Deconstructing the City: London Docklands 22
Brian Edwards
A (Personal) View from City Hall 25
Graham King
Reconnecting the East 28
Andrew Gregory
Saving Midtown 30
Tony Tugnutt
The London Strategic Walkway 33
Anthony Meats
The London Streetscape Manual 36
Colin Davis
Case Study
Adjusting Borough High Street 39
Book Reviews 42
Reviews by John Billingham, Peter Eley, Sebastian Loew
and Marion Roberts
Practice and Education Index 44
Endpiece 47
Return to Subtopia
Bob Jarvis