Urban Design 68 – October 1998

The 1997 UDG Conference: Public Spaces, People Places
Cover - Pedestrian street in Copenhagen
Inside Front Cover - Urban Design Alliance News
News & Events
The UDG Annual Lecture
The London Planning Dilemma
Study Tour of Cities of the Plain
The 1998 Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture
Contemporary Urban Design: Towards a New Pragmatism?
The Waterfront and Urban Design in Bristol
The 'New' Essex Design Guide? A Reply
Alan Stones
Design and the Local Politician
Jeremy Fraser
A Case for Strategic Housing Renewal?
Tony Lloyd-Jones
Urban Design from Hunter Gatherers
James Bruges
Bangalore - India's Silicon Valley 13
Maria Jones
The Good Place Guide
Birmingham, Bristol, County Antrim, London 16
The 1997 UDG Conference
Public Spaces, People Places 20
Roger Evans
Conference Summary 21
John Billingham
Public Spaces, Public Life 24
Lars Gemz0e
Places as Symbols in Berlin 27
Stefan Schroth
The Wider Urban Agenda 30
Michael Gwilliam
World Squares for All 32
From Research to Design 35
Professor Bill Hillier
Case Study
Covent Garden - How does the Garden Fair? 38
Peter Heath
Book Reviews 41
Reviews by John Billingham, Tim Catchpole, Sebastian Loew
and John MacBryde
Practice and Education Index 44
Endpiece 47
The School of Rhetoric
Bob Jarvis