Urban Design 66 – April 1998

Cover -  Prague, old town square
News & Events
Leader 4
First there was PATHE; then there was TITHE
Thames Gateway London 5
Urban Design at South Bank University
Good Design on Speculative Housing 6
The Corporal Cartographer 7
Pedestrianisation of London 10
The Urban Design Alliance is Up and Running 8
An Unusual Blessing for Urban Design 9
Towards Interdisciplinary Design Education 10
David Owers
Trunk, Branches and Leaves 12
James Bruges
Toronto - An Urban Design Approach 14
Deborah Porte
The Bairro Alto in Lisbon 17
Sam Romaya and Manuela Marques-Clarke
Urban Design and Conservation
Leader 20
Steve Gould
Remembrance of Things Bath 21
Chris Pound
Historical Assessment of Suburbs 24
John Bold and Peter Guillery
Conservation - An Inspiration 28
Alan Stones
John Ruskin and the Historic Environment 30
Gill Chitty
Sustainability and 19th Century Debates 34
Steve Gould
Case Study
Borough Market Southwark 38
Ken Greig
Book Reviews 40
Reviews by John Billingham, Tim Catchpole, Peter Eley, Sebastian
Loew and Judith Ryser
Practice and Education Index 44
The directory provides a service to potential clients when they are looking
for specialist professional advice on projects involving urban design and
related matters, and to students and professionals considering taking an
urban design course.
Endpiece 47
Bob Jarvis