Urban Design 63 - July 1997

Symposium on the New Urban Design Agenda
Hilmer & Sattler's Potsdamer/Leipziger Platz Masterplan
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The New Urbanism
Public Participation
Sittingbourne Settlement Competition
Civic Trust Awards
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Urban Design Education Discussion
Good Practice G u i d a n c e for Design
Space Syntax Conference
Letter from Beirut
Annual General Meeting
New Labour, New Beginnings?
Marion Roberts
Reclaiming Hong Kong
Justyna Karakiewicz
The New Urban Design Agenda
Summary of Symposium
Robert Cowan
Birmingham - Regional Capital
Les Sparks
Crown Street Regeneration Glasgow
Mike Galloway
Berlin - Strategies for a Changing City
G u n t e r S c h l u s c he
West Coast Cities of the USA
John Punter
Visit to Lille
Joe Holyoak
Book Reviews
Derek Abbott, Peter Howard and Helena Webster, Sebasltian Loew
Practice Profile
Civic Trust Regeneration Unit 42
Practice and Education Index 44
Endpiece 47
Planning Change in London
Sebastian Loew
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Selected papers from Education Conference held in April at Oxford Brookes University