Urban Design 58 – April 1996

Aspects of Urban Design in Europe


Nolli's Plan of Romeused extensively in Urban Design textsNews & Events

Millennium Strategies                                                                              4



Safe but Civilised                                                                                    5

Landscape and Urban Quality

Strangely Familiar Conference                                                                 6

The Integrated Metropolis Symposium                                                     7

HuddersfieldCompetition                                                                        8

South Bank Workshop                                                                            9

Annual General Meeting                                                                      10


The New Village                                                                                   12

John Brouwer

Rural Settlements: A Scottish Perspective

John Moir and David Rice                                                                      15

Topic / Books on Urban Design

Introduction                                                                                          18

Bob Jarvis


American Neo-Traditionalism and Suburban Design 19

John Punter

•  Roger Evans-A City is Not a Tree                                                       22

An Urban Design Canon 23

Tony Lloyd-Jones and Marion Roberts

•  Derek Abbott - Cities in Evolution                                                        25

Must Objectivity be Dull 25

Chris Smith

•  Tim Catchpole - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance               27

Ian Nairn: The Missing Art of Townscape 27

Graham King

•  Sebastian Loew - The Planning of a New Town                                 29

Architecture on the Bookstalls 29

Giles Worsley

•  Marion Roberts-The Country and the City                                           31

The Comix World of Mister X 31

Michael Crilly

•  Alan Simpson - Urban Design in Action                                               33

Dealing with Texts 34

Peter Inch

Tailpiece                                                                                              35

Bob Jarvis

Details of Contributors to this issue                                                   35

Book Reviews

Reviews by Helen Webster and Peter Howard, Derek Abbott,               36

Tony Lloyd-Jones, Annabel Downs, Jon Rowland and John Billingham

Practice Profiles

David Lock Associates                                                                          40

Urban Design Futures                                                                           42

Practice and Education Index                                                                          44

Endpiece 47