Urban Design 32 – October 1989

Spatial Structure: Meaning, Conflict, Process and Form

Editorial by Kelvin Campbell

Urban Design Group News
Gender Bias and Spatial Structure - The Subordination of Women
by Ian Bentley and Helen Teague
Past and Present: An Amplitude of ideas
Urban Reconstruction for Belgrade
by Dejan Ecimovic
City and Symbol
Learning from Old Jaipur
by Balkrishna Doshi and Muktirajsinhji Chauhan
Structure and Tradition
Vidyadhar Nagar New Town, Jaipur
by Balkrishna Doshi
Urban Ecology and Spatial Structure
Providing an Essential Medium for Growth and Change
by Kelvin Campbell
Managing Downtown Public Spaces
by Stephen Davies
Tenth Annual General Meeting of the Urban Design Group -14 June 1989
Election of Executive Committee Members and Officers for 1989/90
Membership Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report