Urban Design 153 - Winter

Southeast Asia

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Nan Lian Garden, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Photograph by David Wallace Mathewson



3 — Parking in Towns and Cities

3 — City Resilience

4 — Global Climate Change Digest

5 — Olympic Park: Workable Exemplars In East London

6 — National Urban Design Conference 2019: Making People-Friendly Places

8 — Urban Design Group’s Annual General Meeting

9 — Urban Design Group Kevin Lynch Lecture: Neuroscience and Urban Design

10 — My Favourite Plan: Ben Flippance

11 — Urban Design Library #32, The Essex Design Guide

12 — Behind the Image, Exhibition Road, London



14 — Seven Points for Delivering Successful Community Retail, Sebastien Miller


TOPIC: Southeast Asia

16 — Introduction, David Wallace Mathewson, guest topic editor

18 — Riding the Sands of Time: Urban Malleability and the Legacy of Marina Bay, Daniel Ong

21 — Conserving Yangon’s Colonial Heritage, David Wallace Mathewson

24 — Jakarta: A Case Study for Flood Challenges, David Wallace Mathewson

26 — Recent Urban Development in Jakarta and Palembang, Priscilla Epifania Ariaji

29 — Urban Conservation in Hong Kong, Dawn Hayunga Shapiro

31 — The Next Big Metropolis in the Philippines, Jennifer Chua

34 — Putrajaya: A New Green Intelligent City, Fanan Ujoh

37 — Bangkok: The Cost of Resilience, Patri Vienravi and Gregory Galligan



40 — No Little Plans, How Government built America’s Wealth and Infrastructure, Ian Wray

40 — Inside Smart Cities, Place, Politics and Urban Innovation, Andrew Karvonen, Federico Cugurullo & Federico Caprotti (ed.)

41 — Municipal Dreams, The Rise and Fall of Council Housing, John Boughton

41 — Why Cities Look the Way they do, Richard J Williams






49 — Le tour s’approche de la tour, Joe Holyoak