Urban Design 140 - Autumn 2016

Food and Urban Design

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Cover Eagle street roof-top Farm, Brooklyn, New York. Photography by Elizabeth Reynolds


Future issues UD141 Africa UD142 health, ageing and Urban Design UD143 Estate regeneration


3 —  Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture, Sir terry Farrell

3 —  Industry and Urban Design

4 —  Street NW Manchester 4x4

4 —  The Byzantine Peloponnese UDG study tour

6 —   Urban Design Group AGM

7 —   Urban Design Library #19

8 —   My Favourite Plan


9 —  Safeguarding Quality via Permission in Principle, Matthew Carmona

10 —  Street, not highway, Design, Michael King

12 —  Influencing inequalities in Urban renewal, rowan MacKay

Topic: Food and the City

14 —   Food and the City, Jane Manning

16 —   Food and Urbanism: Connecting Urban Design and Food space, Susan Parham

19 —   Edible Urbanism – London’s next Foodie trend? Elizabeth Reynolds

21 —  The Productive City: Urban agriculture on the Map, Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen

24 —   Towards an indigenous, sunlit, rooftop Food Production, Oscar Rodrigeuz

28 —   Urban Farming and Family Farms, Olusola Olufemi

31 —   Edible Eastside, Jayne Bradley Ghosh

34 —   Allotment of the Future, Helen Grimshaw and Jie Lu

36 —   The Food Parliament: an infrastructure for resilience, CJ Lim

39 —   Food and the City reviewed, Jane Manning


Book Reviews

40 —   re-framing Urban space, Urban design for emerging hybrid and high-density conditions, Im Sik Cho, Chye Kiang Heng and Zdravko Trivic

40 —   Rethinking smart Cities From the Ground Up, Tom Saunders and Peter Baeck

41 —  The End of Automobile Dependence. Peter Newman and Jeffrey Kenworthy

41 —   Also received:  21st Century Garden Cities of to-Morrow, a Manifesto, Philip ross and Yves Cabannes; Context, architecture and the Genius of Place, Eric Parry

42 —  Practice Index

47 —  Education Index

49 —  Endpiece: Plant room, Joe Holyoak