Urban Design 134 - Spring 2015

Garden Cities
Greening the City 3
Neighbourhood Planning 3
Urban Design Library #15 4
Urban Design Interview: Dan Black 5
Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture: Unaffordable Housing in England, Professor John Punter 6
Building Momentum in Detroit,
Nicolo Cammelli 10
Dynamic Skyline, Anika Mittal Dhawan 12
The Relevance of the Garden City for the 21st Century, Colin Pullan and Elli Thomas 15
The Garden City Resurgence, David Lock 16
Fantasy or Opportunity?, Miles Gibson and Liz Mason 17
Dealing with the Housing Shortage, Roberta Blackman-Woods MP 20
The Art of Building a Garden City, Katy Lock 21
Designing Garden Cities for the 21st Century, Nicholas Falk and David Rudlin 24
Building Blocks for the Future, Chris Wilford and Andy Von Bradsky 26
Creating the Vision, Patricia Willoughby 29
International Interpretations of the Garden City Ideal, Mike Devereux 32
From Model to Reference, Anca Duguet and Emilie Jarousseau 35
Letchworth then and now, David Ames 38
What is so difficult about creating a Garden Suburb? Mette Mclarney 42
Capturing the Value of the Garden City, Colin Pullan and Elli Thomas 45
The Hidden Potential of Sustainable Neighbourhoods, Harrison Fraker 46
URBAN VOICES : Celebrating urban design in Australia, John Byrne, Bill Chandler, Bruce Echberg (eds) 46
Interconnect: Improving the Journey Experience, Centro and City ID 47
Saverio Muratori: A Legacy in Urban Design, Marco Maretto 47
Explorations in Urban Design. An Urban Design Research Primer, Matthew Carmona (ed) 48
Garden Cities of Tomorrow? A New Future for the Cottage Estates, Martin Crookston 48
Site Design for Multifamily Housing: Creating Livable, Connected Neighborhoods, Nico Larco, Kristin Kelsey and Amanda West 49
Water sensitive urban design in the UK, CIRIA 49
ENDPIECE Accord and Discord, Joe Holyoak 56