Urban Design 103 - Summer 2007

Core Cities

Publication Date: 01 July 2007

News And Events

Design in the Planning Process 3

Delivering Climate Change 3

Shifting Sands 4

Cityscape 4

David Ubaka UCE Birmingham lecture 5

What Policies for Globalising Cities? 6

CABE page 7

Young Urban Designer, Soul Eyes 8

Young Urban Designer, Urban Invasion 9


Ecopolis Now?, Alastair Donald 10

The Far Pavilions, John Mullin 12

Internat ional

1+1=3: Paris gets its sums right!, Didier Couval 14

Topic: Core cities

Introduction, Chris Murray 16

Sheffield: Design at the Heart of the City, John Mothersole 17

Leeds: Financing high-quality public realm, Cath Follin 20

Waterfront regeneration in Bristol, Simon Caplan 23

Manchester: Revival In City Centre Living, Louise Hope 25

Making It Happen in Liverpool, Colin Hilton 27

Birmingham: Planning at the Heart, Philip Singleton 29

Newcastle’s Designs on Growth, Marie Fallon 31

Design 07 – Nottingham’s Design Campaign, Nigel Turpin 34

Case Studies

The Process of Urban Design-led Development, Adam Mills 36

Awakening The West End - The Regeneration of Plymouth’s

Independent Retail Quarter, Neil Emery 38

Book Reviews

Loose Space, Karen A. Franck and Quentin Stevens (eds) 40

The Urban Design Reader, M Larice and E Macdonald (eds.) 40

City Renewal through Partnership: Birmingham,

Ariella Masbounghi (ed) 41

Graphics for Urban Design, B Meeda, N Parkyn, D S Walton 41

Pract ice Index 42

Corporate Index 48

Educat ion Index 49

Endpiece Joe Holyoak 49