Trustee with Urban Development Expertise - CPRE


Passionate about urban design and green spaces in London? Could you help us improve London’s green infrastructure? We are seeking a new trustee with experience in urban design/

CPRE London is actively seeking an enthusiastic supporter of green spaces in London to join our Trustee Board and organisation to build upon our success as a respected organisation in the planning and development of London. CPRE London is specifically seeking a General Board Member who can contribute to our strategic vision and project development with particular insight in the urban design and development space. This is an excellent opportunity to play a senior role in a respected environmental organisation, applying your skills and experience to make a real difference in improving London’s built environment and enhancing London’s green spaces.

CPRE London is one of the largest regional branches of the national environmental charity, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). The “urban” character of our organisation is unique within the CPRE network. This provides the London branch with large scope to lead on London specific issues and providing expertise to support CPRE nationally in respect of the interplay between urban development and protection of the countryside.

The new general board member should share a passion for green spaces and sustainable urban development. The new Board member should be someone who is enthusiastic and has commitment to the following issues:

  • Protect and enhance the use of London’s green spaces
  • Improve London’s built environment and green infrastructure
  • Promote public appreciation and enjoyment of London’s landscapes


Closing date for applications 8 March   

Please download details below: