Webinar: Towns, Cities and Urban Design after the COVID 19 Pandemic

Online Event via Zoom
Thu, 23/04/2020 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

The pandemic provides us with time to reflect on the kind of world we have been building. Do we continue to treat the planet and its resources as commodities to be traded for our own benefit or do we re-emerge after the crisis with a different set of priorities? Will we take short-term fixes for ourselves or leave something of value for future generations?

For urban designers there has long been a schism between what we value and what we too often build. The growth of our towns and cities since the mid-twentieth century has been a by-product of land-use planning whereby speculators in land bid for the right to sell land on to single-use developers, estate by estate.

So how might things be different when we step back out after lockdown? For most, the current changes to our lives are spatial: we stay home and away from colleagues. Will we revert to the same spatial patterns as before or will re-emergence be accompanied by a re-awakening to build the kind of towns and cities that we value? 


New Lives New Values : Roger Evans  Studio Real

Open discussion chaired by Katja Stille  Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design