Urban Design Symposium: ‘Rethinking the Scope of Urban Design’

Seminar Room B, Doctoral Academy Friary House, Greyfriars Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AE
Wed, 10/06/2020 - 11:00am - 6:00pm

Since the establishment of urban design as a discipline in the 1960s, there have been tensions in and around what might be included under its scope. Today these tensions persist as we continue to witness a phenomenal growth of urban design as a discipline with the increasing number of urban design undergraduate and master programmes, professional organizations and urban design practices. All these events have broadened significantly its knowledge base and blurred its boundaries with a number of other disciplines ranging from architecture to landscape architecture, planning and geography, putting at risk its survival as a discipline. It has become opportune to discuss how we can redefine the field of urban design and how it can be taught?

This symposium focuses on addressing these questions. To do so, it will be scheduled as a full day event organized in two sessions: a morning session dedicated to defining the territories of urban design and an afternoon session engaged with its teaching and pedagogy. It will bring together both well-established and emerging urban design scholars and practitioners. This discussion will allow us to fully account for the requirements of relevant professional bodies and inform further development of accreditation criteria for the professional groups, and ongoing discussion within organisations such as the Urban Design Group about whether and how certain programmes might be recognised. Organisers: Mike Biddulph (Cardiff City Council), Francesca Sartorio, Patricia Aelbrecht and Hesam Kamalipour (Geography and Planning School, Cardiff University) and Nastaran Peimani (Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University).

Morning session  11 am- 1pm

Urban Design Scope : Prof. Matthew Carmona UCL, Dr. Karl Kropf Oxford Brookes, Prof. Aseem Inam Cardiff University

Afternoon session  2-6 pm

Urban Design Education : Dr Lucy Montague University of Manchester, David Rudlin URBED, Dr Ombretta Romice University of Strathclyde


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